We have an eye for detail, the magic of perfect timing and the best storytellers (known as cameramen to the world)

The art- Capturing your moments

The artist- Team MyPhotofilmer

Team MyPhotofilmer, enlivening the essence of every event.

Vikas Aurora

Founder & Chief Storyteller

Vikas Aurora, the founder of MyPhotofilmer is a photographer by passion. He has been a professional photographer for decades and is still hungry for the next moment to be captured at your event, next picture to be clicked.

His camera work & skillset is unapparelled in Chandigarh Tricity. Vikas has a dedicated team of photographers and videographers that continuously strives to deliver the most amazing pictures & videos for marriages, events, campaigns, academics, films, e-commerce & a lot more.

Our team of storytellers

Capturing the moment & telling the story is life mantra for every handpicked team member at Myphotofilmer.

Arun Sharma

Director of photography

Preparing the execution roadmap for a perfect campaign” Providing a direction to our team, Arun creates a roadmap to get the best out of every situation. Arun takes care of testing the camera & lights, supervises the crew, postproduction & visual effects

Atul Sharma

Cameraman/Video Editor

Your cameraperson who doesn’t let a moment slip by without capturing it” Atul is our on-ground soldier but with a camera as his weapon. Atul not only captures beautiful pictures & videos but also has the expertise to edit them & bring out the best.

Naveen Arora

Photographer & Image Editor

Photography is much more than just Camera. Let me show you how” In an era of phone editing software’s, we count on the expert who did it before it became mainstream- Image editor & Photographer Naveen Arora Naveen decides the approach to capture images at an event, shortlisting & editing.

Rajat Suryavanshi

Cameraman/Video editor

I agree with Naveen. Let’s talk videography” Putting his best foot forward in photography, editing, 3D Animations, visual enhancement, Rajat is an expert with years of experience behind him.


Video editing expert

Making your videos livelier” Video enhancement & editing Give him a few hours, he’s good. Give him a day he’s great. Give him a week, he’s unbeatable

Sangeet Gautam

Director/ Sn Video editor

Plan and make the photography session perfect. I do that every time” Ideas translate into results when executed well. Think tank of our team behind every successful wedding photography project, Sangeet is a director & Sr Video editor who translates the vision into content.


We are amongst the pioneers of Wedding photography & videography industry of India. Not only we make sure the output delivered to our customers is great, but we also need to live up to our name. With a fulltime in-house team, we take up limited weddings every year and are passionate about creating wedding stories that will last a lifetime.


Brand promotions, events or advertisements, our corporate videography services will add value to your brand. Every event tells the world your brand’s success story, let’s co-create one worth remembering.
We guarantee you a great video- right from ideation, production, editing to delivering a good-looking video of your event.


Camera placement, camera movement, shot, focus. Lighting. Cinematography isn’t just an art but also requires a keen eye & experience. Thankfully, you’re reading this on, the best wedding photography website. If you would want outstanding results on your wedding photographs & video, choose Myphotofilmer.